Minnowbooster Voting Bot Parameters:

Parameter Value
Live Delegation APR (last 7 days) 18.97%
Minimum Upvote 0.01 SBD
Daily Upvote Limit 50.0 SBD
Daily Upvote Limit Whitelist 100.0 SBD
Post Voting Enabled
Max post age 2.0 days

Minnowbooster Delegation Market Parameters:

Parameter Value
Max APR (Last 10 minutes) 27.857143%
Minimum Lease 1.0 STEEM
Lease Price 1-24 weeks 1 STEEM ⇔ 25-400 SP
BuildTeam Share 10.0%
Recommended Minimum Delegation 10-20 SP

Minnowbooster Stats:

Current Voting Power


Minnowbooster Totals:

Currently there is 59,970 SP invested in the bot

Currently there is 2,179,550 SP delegated to the bot

Currently there is 0 SP delegated to users by the bot

Currently there is 252,201 SP open on the market

Currently there is 1,578,865 SP actively delegated from the market

Total delegation to date is 13,172,498 SP

3,029 Users sell us their vote

$910.543 combined vote worth of all sellers

MB factor: 0.989 for sellers means only 15% commission