Terms of Service:

We will be taking new measures to eliminate inappropriate use of our service. Abusers be warned, a new policy is being put in place and if you continue to upvote content that violates our TOS, we will be removing your upvote and declining a refund payout.

What constitutes abuse of @minnowbooster?

 - Using multiple accounts to post duplicate content and purchasing MB upvotes for all of them

 - Same goes for using multiple accounts to post low quality content just to farm Minnowbooster for profits

 - Upvoting posts with MB that are written in a copy / paste style

 - Using a MB vote for very short or repetitive content. Length is subjective, but 150 words is a good safe guideline.

 - Using the service via automation scripts and bots

 - Scraping information from MB website

Photography Post Rules:

 - Single photo posts are not allowed

 - Photography posts must contain supporting text and show significant effort in terms of production value (location, setup, lighting and subject) to be considered boostable.

Art, Video & Animation Post Rules:

 - Posts must be originally produced by the author and contain supporting text.

 - Memes are not considered art.

Public Domain Content:

 - Sources and Authors used in posts must be correctly cited and linked to original content

Forbidden Topics:

 - Violence, self-harm, gore

 - Politics & political opinion

 - Religion

 - Drugs and other illegal substances

 - Scams and pyramid schemes


Use discretion in upvoting posts, using a small MB upvote for short content may be okay under some circumstances but think about the content you are upvoting and decide based on the criteria we have laid out.

What is @minnowbooster's new policy in dealing with abuse? Users who violate our TOS regarding upvotes will face the following consequences:

1.) Your post will be unvoted by Minnowbooster

2.) You will not receive a refund for the original upvote.

3.) Your account can be blacklisted


User errors while using our upvote or delegation services are non-refundable

Violation of these TOS can result in a temporary or permanent blacklisting. In case user is blacklisted, the first 10 transactions done by the user are returned with a warning in the transaction memo.

Any amounts sent won't be refunded after 10 warnings.