Frequently asked questions:

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What is STEEM POWER delegating?

When you obtain STEEM, you can power that up to STEEM POWER to increase your vote value. Getting STEEM POWER back to STEEM takes 13 weeks, but you can lend out your STEEM POWER safely (total control remains for you). Lending STEEM POWER out serves the purpose of temporarily making other users vote more valuable, until you decide to take the STEEM POWER back

How to delegate STEEM POWER to MinnowBooster?

Use this form on our website You need to authorize with your active key

What are the returns from delegating to MinnowBooster

Returns are variable and fluctuate heavily based on our daily revenue, but to get an approximate number of the most recent short-term period, please take a look at our Statistics page

What’s the minimum amount of STEEM POWER to delegate

The minimum recommended amount to delegate is approximately 10-20 STEEM/SP, below that, daily returns could be too small to pay out, depending on profit shares and various other factors.

How to undelegate your STEEM POWER from MinnowBooster

Use this link to undelegate all your Steem Power from MinnowBooster:

Why isn’t the STEEM POWER back in my account after undelegating?

- By Steem network rule, this takes 5 days, so people wouldn’t abuse voting

- Check that you actually used the link sent to your wallet by MinnowBooster. Verify undelegation here

In short: if you delegate to us:

- you get 90% of the sell (SBD sent for using your SP)

- you have to wait 5 days to get your Steem Power back

- your voting power is untouched

- Your vote value decreases


What’s the difference between delegating to the bot and delegating on the market?

Delegating in the market has fixed returns and you can see these before filling the order. While delegating to the bot lasts until you cancel, delegating on the market there are fixed periods and you have to be active in filling new leases.

Returns will be paid out to your STEEM wallet in daily increments. Visit the market and click "Fill Offer" to fill any offer you like Note that orders with highest APR have the highest return % over invested amount for delegators.

As a delegator, you can have an overview of your active and ended delegations on your personal user page

NB! When the delegation period is over, MinnowBooster will send a link to your wallet. Using that link, cancel the delegation and confirm with your active key, to initiate the recovery of your SP, which takes 5 days


How to lease STEEM POWER from MinnowBooster market?

METHOD 1: Lease from the website  You need your active key to confirm the transaction.

METHOD 2: Lease from your STEEM WALLET directly. Send STEEM to MinnowBooster from your Steem wallet with memo in this format: Number of Weeks - Username - Steem Power per STEEM (price per week)

EXAMPLE: If @techblogger wants to lease 150 SP for 4 weeks he would first need to choose price he is willing to pay, so he should use the calculator here After deciding that he wants to receive 100 SP per each STEEM, he sends 6 STEEM from his Steem wallet to MinnowBooster, with the memo: 4 techblogger 100 (Number of Weeks - Username - Steem Power per Steem (price per week)

Full post with explanation available on here:

Youtube tutorial is available here:

How to gift delegations?

You can gift delegations in the same way as leasing for yourself, you only need to use another username instead of yours. Memo format: Number of Weeks - Username - Steem Power per Steem

Can I lease STEEM POWER with SBD?

No, Steem Power leases are done with sending STEEM. SBD is used for upvotes

What’s the maximum period of lease?

24 weeks

I leased STEEM POWER, why isn’t it in my account yet?

MinnowBooster doesn’t fill orders itself. The order goes to the market for the investors to fill. If the order cannot be filled within 3 days, your STEEM will be refunded to you.

My lease is ending? Can i renew it?

Yes and this is encouraged. Go to your userpage here, find the lease and click Renew. Payment for your funds is sent to MinnowBooster escrow and the delegator gets a notification. If he doesn’t want to renew the lease and cancels at the end of the original period, your payment is then returned to you.

Is leasing STEEM POWER profitable for me?

Depends on what you decideto do with it. Some people lease SP just to post multiple times a day and then upvote their own posts with more vote value, some lease STEEM POWER to help further their communities, give awards for good work or promotions. There are many studies and posts available on Steemit that research the profitability of STEEM POWER leasing

How to cancel pending lease that is sitting on the market?

Go to your order on the market Choose "fill this order", when viewing the order, check the ID number in the URL bar, its a 4-digit number. Send 0.001 STEEM to @minnowbooster with memo "cancel id" without the parenthesis and id being that number from the URL bar.

EXAMPLE: If your Lease Orders URL is, then you need to use memo: cancel 7556

Help! I'm trying to lease Steem Power but my Steem keeps being refunded after 3 days without the lease being filled! Why doesn't MinnowBooster fill my lease?

MinnowBooster doesn't fill leases, it directs them to the market, where investors fill them. This is how free market works - investors will only fill orders, that are more profitable to them (have a higher APR - Annual Percentage Rate). Thats why we have added the APR calculator on our SP lease page Compare it with the best orders on the market and try to offer competitive price

What does the field "SP per Steem per Week" mean?

Basically, it's price. The less Steem Power you want per every Steem you pay, the more profitable it is for the investors to fill it. You see that when changing the field on the lease page, APR (Annual Percentage Rate) for the investors changes. Compare it with the best orders on the market and try to offer competitive price But why "SP per Steem per Week"? Because leases are calculated in weeks, it's the only way to calculate the price



How to get an upvote from Minnowbooster?

Send SBD or STEEM (as of 7.01.2019) from your Steem wallet to minnowbooster, with post url in memo and get a vote in return. Please check our frontpage for the maximum available amount that we can accept at the time

I ordered an upvote from MinnowBooster but i didn’t get his vote

There are multiple sellers set up via MinnowBooster Vote Sell project, so the vote might have come from them. Check your wallet for a memo from MinnowBooster, the memo contains the details of the vote

I checked, still no vote and no memo

Please check our homepage or our Discord server for a node lag or any other status updates

What's the maximum upvote that I can order

At the moment maximum amount that you can send for upvotes, is 50 SBD. Check the most up-to-date info on daily limits at MinnowBooster Statistics page

Can i use the upvote bot by sending STEEM?

Yes! Using STEEM to pay for upvotes was introduced in the beginning of 2019 due to multiple requests.  If you send STEEM with a post URL to MinnowBooster, the payment will be converted to SBD at current market price +1% safety fee and the rest follows – we send you memos about all necessary info – the conversion rate, upvote amount and other vote data.


How to join?

Go to and login. Under You need to set some simple parameters, like minimum Voting Power to sell your vote and some other, and authorize MinnowBooster to use your vote with Steemconnect.

What are the requirements to join?

Everyone can join!

In short: if you sell your vote:

  • you get 85% of the sell (SBD sent and used to buy your vote)

  • you get curation rewards (can be up to 100% of the sell)

  • you can cancel any time with no delay

  • your voting power will be affected


How can I make use of a vote selling referral link?

Give your vote selling referral link to your friends, who have never logged in on and ask them to set up vote selling using your link.

Each person referring their friends for vote selling, gets an additional 1.5% profit generated by their referral, paid by MinnowBooster. Each person, that signs up for vote selling, using their friends referral link, gets also a bonus, 0.5%

Where can I find my referral link to give to my friends?

Go to, log in and navigate to My Account -> User info. there you will find your referral link.

Where can I see, who I've referred?

Go to, log in and navigate to My Account -> User info. There you will find your referred-list under User Actions.

Help! I referred my friends, but they don't show up in my referral-list

We cannot help in cases, where user-side software is blocking setting a cookie, that will act as an identifier for being referred. Using the referral links has been tested on Chrome and Firefox browsers. In these cases, you should contact our Customer Support for help


Community Whitelist:

What's the community whitelist exactly?

Community whitelist is a list of users on that are voted for and accepted as quality authors by the community. Whitelisted users enjoy a better profitability and bigger availability of votes, as well as potential other perks.

How do I get on the whitelist?

The whitelist is invite only. You may leave a brief introduction of yourself along with your Steem username in the #whitelist channel at and if someone already on the whitelist likes your blog, they might invite you. Keep in mind, pressuring other people for invites is frowned upon - invites are personal and valuable.

Being invited doesn't guarantee you a spot on the whitelist though. After being invited, you need 5 "clean" accept votes from already whitelisted members to get in, or 5 reject votes to fall out of the invitees list.*

What's a "clean" accept vote?

Every "reject" vote needs 2 countering "accept" votes to zero out and an additional 5 positive votes to get accepted. For example, a user with 4 "reject" votes needs 8 "accept" votes to zero out, plus an additional 5 "accept" votes to get in. After that, the user will be auto-accepted. This will ensure that the whitelist is for quality authors only.

How can I know if I am whitelisted?

If you are whitelisted, you get a notification to your Steem wallet from MinnowBooster. This is the only notification regarding the whitelist, that you will get from MinnowBooster. Also, you will see a Whitelist menu item, when logged in on

I am on the whitelist, but I can only vote on some of the invitees

To avoid abuse, voters and invitees are segregated into buckets. Every user can only vote on the corresponding bucket with his ID.

Is it possible to drop out of the whitelist?

Yes. Make sure you blog and boost only quality posts, to be among the whitelisted people.

Alright, I’m sold. How many invites and votes do I have?

Everyone on the whitelist starts with 2 invites and 10 votes. Use the invites to invite quality bloggers into the whitelist and use the votes to vote on users that other people have invited.

How do I get more invites and votes?

Quite easy - every correct invite (the person that you invited, gets accepted into the whitelist) adds you 2 new invites, ie. spend 1 to get 2.

It’s the same with voting. Every correct “accept” vote (the person you voted “accept” on gets accepted into the whitelist), adds 2 more votes to your inventory.

If you vote “reject” on a user and the user gets rejected, you also get 2 more votes added to your inventory.

How do I lose invites and votes?

On a wrong invite (the person you invited, is not deemed worthy by voters and gets rejected), you lose 10% of your invites, but at least a minimum of 1 invite.

You lose 5% of your votes (but at least 1 vote) if you voted for a user that gets rejected.

These small penalties will help keep the quality of the whitelist and encourage putting more thought into actions that affect the whitelist.

What do I get out of inviting and voting?

First of all - it’s in the interest of the Steem community that quality authors get rewarded more. This will help promote Steem in the long run and attract valued bloggers.

Additionally, there is a monetary benefit as well. Inviters and voters earn a profit share from all the bought votes of the user they invited or voted on.

The fees profit share is as follows: 1% for inviter and 1.5% is shared between all the  correct voters.

These profit shares are paid out of MinnowBooster share and do not affect vote sellers.

Please note that the whitelist profit share is only invoked when a requested post promotion payment is larger than the available maximum for normal users and requires the Whitelist value range to be utilised. In the example below, profit share will be activated for payment sends in the 88.93 to 121.42 STEEM range.  

STEEM Send Value Range: (Min: 0.05 STEEM, Max: 88.92 STEEM , Max-Whitelist: 121.42 STEEM)

What happens to abusers?

If there is sufficient reason to believe that a user has been abusing the whitelist mechanism, by engaging in voting one invitee via multiple accounts or inviting and reviewing users incorrectly in a deliberate manner on too many repeated counts; that account may be terminated from the whitelist without warning. Such actions may sometimes warrant a MinnowBooster blacklist entry.



What is SteemMonsters?

Steem Monsters is a revolutionary Steem blockchain based card battle and trading game with collectible appeal and many ways to earn. Grow your collection further with Booster Packs which contain randomly selected cards with at least one RARE OR BETTER card guaranteed!

How to get started?

If you don’t yet have a Steem account, then before purchasing your discounted packs, head on over to the SteemMonsters battle site to create your login. If you already have a Steem account, then grab your packs from us and get ready to enter the adventure of a lifetime!

And what is Minnowmonsters?

Minnowmonsters is an extension to the original SteemMonsters, created by the Minnowbooster team and features various tools that expand the original experience.

Why not buy Booster Packs directly from SteemMonsters? What are the advantages from buying via MinnowMonsters?

By buying your Booster Packs via MinnowMonsters, earn 10% bonus packs on any purchase of over 100 packs and 15% bonus on purchases of 500+ packs. Plus you get to support development of further cool tools by the MinnowBooster team.

What payment options are there?

You can pay for Booster Packs with SBD, via using SteemConnect or SteemChain browser addon


NB! For the tool to work successfully, you have to authorize @buildteam before any other action if you have not done that with your account:

You can find the tool here:

This bot will automatically buy and resell cheap cards to generate you a passive profit. It is still experimental so we cannot give any guarantees, but current feedback is positive. Use at your own discretion at this time.

How are cheap cards defined?

The formula compares historical XP values with current market prices to determine cards that are currently undervalued.

Help with Settings

Editions - for both alpha and beta you can set it true or false to indicate if you want to buy cards of that edition.

Surcharge - for both alpha and beta you can set a specific surcharge, 1.3 means to add 30% extra price to the by price for selling it afterwards, giving you about 25% profit after the market fees.

Limits For these four:

min: Don’t buy cards cheaper than this in usd

max: Don’t buy cards more expensive than this in usd

minBcx: Don’t buy cards cheaper than this in usd per bcx

maxBcx: Don’t buy cards more expensive than this in usd per bcx

What is BCX

The metric BCX means the amount of cards that were used to get to this card. If you have a card that is 4 cards combined, it has 4 BCX, if it costs 60 cents, the usd per bcx is 15 cents. This makes comparisons between level 1 and higher level cards easier and allows you to snipe the really good deals.

Where can I monitor what the bot is doing?

You can see details at your personal SteemMonsters chain explorer

What are the fees?

This bot is free to use. It uses its own market, so we earn the 5% market fee that is mandatory for every SteemMonsters trade. We take no extra cut. So for you as a user, the experience is the same as trading in any other market.

COMMUNITY ACCOUNTS - better visibility for leases.