Minnowbooster Stats:

@minnowbooster Voting Power


Minnowbooster Voting Totals:

50.0 SP invested in @minnowbooster

397,678.0 SP delegated to @minnowbooster

4,974 Vote suppliers

$202.279 combined vote worth of all vote suppliers

MB factor: 13.16 for suppliers means only 15% commission

Minnowbooster Delegation Totals:

95,842.0 SP in requests available on the market

2,696,174.0 SP actively delegated from the market

Total market delegation to date is 27,090,367.0 SP

Minnowbooster Voting Bot Parameters:

Parameter Value
Live Delegation APR (last 7 days) 5072.58%
Minimum Upvote 0.01 SBD
Daily Upvote Limit 50.0 SBD
Daily Upvote Limit Whitelist 100.0 SBD
Post Voting Enabled
Max post age 6.0 days

Minnowbooster Delegation Market Parameters:

Parameter Value
Max APR (Last 10 minutes) 17.4%
Minimum Lease 1.0 STEEM
Lease Price 1-24 weeks 1 STEEM ⇔ 25-400 SP
BuildTeam Share 10.0%
Recommended Minimum Delegation 10-20 SP