Frequently asked questions:


What is STEEM POWER delegating?

When you obtain STEEM, you can power that up to STEEM POWER to increase your vote value. Getting STEEM POWER back to STEEM takes 13 weeks, but you can lend out your STEEM POWER safely (total control remains for you). Lending STEEM POWER out serves the purpose of temporarily making other users vote more valuable, until you decide to take the STEEM POWER back

How to delegate STEEM POWER to Minnowbooster?

Use this form on our website You need to authorize with your active key

What are the returns from delegating/investing to Minnowbooster

Current estimate is around 20% APR, but returns are variable and fluctuate heavily based on our daily revenue

What’s the minimum amount of STEEM POWER to invest

Approximately 10-20 STEEM/SP, below that, daily returns could be too small to pay out.

How to undelegate your STEEM POWER from Minnowbooster

Use this link

Why isn’t the STEEM POWER back in my account after undelegating?

- By Steem network rule, this takes 5 days, so people wouldn’t abuse voting

- Check that you actually used the link sent to your wallet by Minnowbooster. Verify undelegation here

In short: if you delegate to us:
- you get 90% of the sell (SBD sent for using your SP)
- you have to wait 5 days to get your Steem Power back
- your voting power is untouched
- Your vote value decreases

DELEGATING ON THE MARKET (DLM - Delegated Lease Market):

What’s the difference between delegating to the bot and delegating on the market?

Delegating in the market has fixed returns and you can see these before filling the order. While delegating to the bot lasts until you cancel, on the market there are fixed periods and you have to be active in filling new leases.

Returns will be paid out to your STEEM wallet in daily increments. Visit the market and click "Fill Offer" to fill any offer you like

NB! When the delegation period is over, Minnowbooster will send a link to your wallet. Using that link, cancel the delegation and confirm with your active key, to initiate the recovery of your SP, which takes 5 days


How to lease STEEM POWER from minnowbooster market?

METHOD 1: Lease from the website You need your active key to confirm the transaction.

METHOD 2: Lease from your STEEM WALLET directly. Send STEEM to minnowbooster from your Steem wallet with memo in this format: Number of Weeks - Username - Steem Power per Steem (price per week)
EXAMPLE: If @techblogger wants to lease 150 SP for 4 weeks he would first need to choose price he is willing to pay, so he should use the calculator here After deciding that he wants to receive 100 SP per each STEEM, he sends 6 STEEM from his Steem wallet to minnowbooster, with the memo: 4 techblogger 100 (Number of Weeks - Username - Steem Power per Steem (price per week)

Full post with explanation availiable on here
Youtube tutorial is available here

How to gift delegations?

You can gift delegations in the same way as leasing for yourself, you only need to use another username instead of yours. Memo format: Number of Weeks - Username - Steem Power per Steem

Can I lease STEEM POWER with SBD?

No, Steem Power leases are done with sending STEEM. SBD is used for upvotes

What’s the maximum period of lease?

24 weeks

I leased STEEM POWER, why isn’t it in my account yet?

Minnowbooster doesn’t fill orders itself. The order goes to the market for the investors to fill. If the order cannot be filled within 3 days, your STEEM will be refunded to you.

My lease is ending? Can i renew it?

Yes and this is encouraged. Go to your userpage here, find the lease and click Renew. Payment for your funds is sent to Minnowbooster escrow and the delegator gets a notification. If he doesn’t want to renew the lease and cancels at the end of the original period, your payment is then returned to you.

Is leasing STEEM POWER profitable for me?

Depends on what you decideto do with it. Some people lease SP just to post multiple times a day and then upvote their own posts with more vote value, some lease STEEM POWER to help further their communities, give awards for good work or promotions. There are many studies and posts available on Steemit that research the profitability of STEEM POWER leasing

How to cancel pending lease that is sitting on the market?

Go to your order on the market Choose "fill this order", when viewing the order, check the ID number in the URL bar, its a 4-digit number. Send 0.001 STEEM to @minnowbooster with memo "cancel id" without the parenthesis and id being that number from the URL bar.
EXAMPLE: If your Lease Orders URL is, then you need to use memo: cancel 7556

Help! I'm trying to lease Steem Power but my Steem keeps being refunded after 3 days without the lease being filled! Why doesn't Minnowbooster fill my lease?

Minnowbooster doesn't fill leases, it directs them to the market, where investors fill them. This is how free market works - investors will only fill orders, that are more profitable to them (have a higher APR - Annual Percentage Rate). Thats why we have added the APR calculator on our SP lease page Compare it with the best orders on the market and try to offer competitive price

What does the field "SP per Steem per Week" mean?

Basically, it's price. The less Steem Power you want per every Steem you pay, the more profitable it is for the investors to fill it. You see that when changing the field on the lease page, APR (Annual Percentage Rate) for the investors changes. Compare it with the best orders on the market and try to offer competitive price But why "SP per Steem per Week"? Because leases are calculated in weeks, it's the only way to calculate the price


COMMUNITY ACCOUNTS - better visibility for leases.

Community Whitelist:



How to get an upvote from Minnowbooster?

Send SBD from your Steem wallet to minnowbooster, with post url in memo and get a vote in return. You can see the chart with accepted sends here on the frontpage

I ordered an upvote from minnowbooster but i didn’t get his vote

There are multiple sellers set up via Minnowbooster Vote Sell project, so the vote might have come from them. Check your wallet for a memo from minnowbooster, the memo contains the details of the vote

I checked, still no vote and no memo

Please check our homepage or our Discord server for a node lag or any other status updates

Discord link:

What's the maximum upvote i can order

Check the chart on Minnowbooster frontpage for available upvotes or try to mimic one of the recent succesful upvotes seen on this page 

Can i use the upvote bot by sending STEEM?

No, STEEM is used for SP leasing


What’s Steemvoter and what is it good for?

Steemvoter is a tool to vote on other authors. You set rules on 4 criteria:
1) which authors your Steemvoter account automatically votes on your behalf
2) which account of yours does the voting
3) with how much % weight do you vote (this means vote value)
4) when to vote

By voting on others, you give support to good authors and you earn for curation. and steemvoter helps you automate that.

For an overview of how Steemvoter works check out this post:

My logs show all tries as red X-is

Update your private posting key in Steemvoter

Forgot username/password

Contact tech support in #steemvoter-support channel

My account shows status „pending“, how long until this gets activated

Usually within less than an hour

How many voting rules can i have

Premium account can have 500 voting rules. For a free account, the amount of voting rules you can have, depends on your Steem Power. Please consult the following table


Max Rules



50 - 99


100 – 499


500 – 999


1000 – 4999


5000 – 9999


10,000 – 49,999





What’s the difference between a free and a premium account?

Payment for free account is taken in the form of using one of your votes for Steemvoter affiliates and projects. Premium account get 500 rules at once, irregardless of their Steem Power and no vote is used for Steemvoter projects

How to order premium service (500 rules)?

Send 3 SBD to steemvoter with memo: premium

How long until my premium account gets activated?

Approx 24 hrs, might be a little longer on the weekends. This is done manually


How to join?

Go to and login. Under My Account -> Edit Info, put a checkmark to “Sell your vote” and authorize below, with your posting key, using Steemconnect.

What are the requirements to join?

Everyone can join!

In short: if you sell your vote:

  • you get 85% of the sell (SBD sent and used to buy your vote)
  • you get curation rewards (can be up to 100% of the sell)
  • you can cancel any time with no delay
  • your voting power will be affected


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Every action on Steem network costs bandwidth (posting, voting, commenting). Users with less SP have less bandwidth, so they tend to run out of it. To regain bandwidth, wait without doing anything on Steem network or buy more STEEM and power it up. This will become less of a problem, when the account grows.

You can monitor your bandwidth here


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