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Lessee Lessor:
Username: onepercentbetter Username:
Vests: 98873.0 VESTS Vests: 98873.0 VESTS
Steem Power Received: ~ 50.007 SP Steem Power Delegated: ~ 50.007 SP
Weeks Leased: 16 Weeks Delegated: 16
Lease Cost: 2.0 STEEM Delegation Payment: 1.8 STEEM
Expiration Date:
2019-10-10 01:25:19 UTC
Expiration Date:
2019-10-10 01:25:19 UTC
NETT APR: 11.2%

Full Payment Break Down

2.0 STEEM - 10% Facilitation Fee = 1.8 STEEM / 112 Days = 0.016 Steem Per Day/*

***Important: There is a 5 day Resting Period before the Lessor Recieves their Delegation Back.

Note: If you aren't comfortable entering your active key online, you can delegate with the tool you are most comfortable using. Our Steemconnect tool is a convenience offer and shows you the exact amount of vests to delegate. Please be sure to delegate exactly that amount if you are using your own tool!